6 Franchise Myths
How to Buy
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Mistakes to avoid when buying a small business include (download the guide to learn more):
Business Valuation
Sellers are often unrealistic about what their business may be worth, and buyers fail to consider the value of their
labor when calculating their
return on investment.
Operating Systems
It's important to consider the systems that may or may not be in place which will allow you to transition and continue operating the business. Is the current owner critical to the on-going success of the business?
Financial Projections
Buyers often fail to make realistic financial projections for the future of the business they are planning to buy. It's critical to have reasonable financial projections, and to include sufficient working capital.
Do you dream of starting your own small business and being your own boss, but you don't know how to get started?
Buying an existing small business may be a great option and can potentially reduce the
risks typically associated with a start-up business.

The "6 Stupid Things" download will help you begin to understand the potential benefits of buying an existing business, and how to select and evaluate the right business for you. There are many common mistakes that people often make when buying a small business, and this free download will help you avoid these mistakes.
Henry Lopez - Business Coach
Henry Lopez
Who wrote the "6 Stupid Things" Guide?
This guide is a collaboration between Henry Lopez and David Barnett. 

Henry Lopez is a Serial Entrepreneur, Small Business Coach and the Host ofThe How of Business Podcast

David Barnett is an entrepreneur, small business author, consultant, real estate investor, and mentor who is an expert in the areas of buying, selling, and financing small businesses.
David Barnett - Business Buyer Adviser
David Barnett
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